About icemarket


Icemarket is an online B2B Yacht Sales & Research tool – search, compare, configure and ultimately purchase models. All you need is your username and password, which you will get after sending us your request. It can be used 365 days a year without the download, since everything is available on your web browser.

How does ICEMARKET work?

Charter companies search for available yacht models, configure option lists according to their needs and wants and send inquiries. Inquiries sent by charters are NON-obligatory until both sides agree on the price.


Additional useful information is the booking data of the model (or the most similar one) from the previous years that indicates potential future profit. There is no time restriction, you can access your icemarket account 24/7.

How do charter companies benefit from icemarket?

The idea behind the icemarket is to create an easier purchasing process, information collection and decision making in B2B yacht sales. Overall it provides charters with enough insight knowledge which leads to greater buyer power and negotiation facts. Considering that everything is presented within a couple of minutes via several clicks, it saves time and eliminates numerous phone calls, email and waiting period. Icemarket is an inevitable tool in the process of the B2B yacht sales.

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