ICEmarket is a revolutionary B2B sales platform that connects 400 charters with the most important shipyards. This tailor made platform optimizes and improves the sales flow between both parties.

Key Features

Charter Companies

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Search & Inquire

Fleet operators can now freely browse latest mono and multihull yacht models and communicate directly with shipyards getting the best possible deals in no time! Easy filtering and search with saving functionalities allow instant submissions of multiple inquiries.

Compare & Configure

Get relevant boat data in side-by-side comparison, customize with additional equipment and request offers from shipyards. Additional perk? Review booking data averages to estimate your ROI.


Instant offers

Paperwork and endless spreadsheets are a thing of the past! A shipyard can now respond to an inquiry instantly with an already setup offer sheet and, if neccessary, edit the requested option list by changing items in yacht configuration or removing them in case the requested options are OOS. 

Discounts & Rates Options

Other than general order discounts, a shipyard can add line item discounts up to 100% on various ‘configuration’ options, set acceptable term payment rates or just propose initial, down payment terms. 


Notes with Chat

Upon submitting inquiries, charter operators can leave notes for the shipyard or even engage in a  live chat while configuring options and negotiating offer details.

Status tracker

An inquiry / offer is immediately visible in the inbox with live status progress updates. Unsent inquiries are automatically saved for later in drafts while finished or discarded deals are easily archived.

The log on the sidebar will record all changes with notes and chat to keep track of the deal proceedings.

Document Management

Boost efficiency by supplying all paperwork in one place with simple document upload.

Export received offers in PDF or XLSX for investors or additional data processing.

The depictions of the app displayed on this page are arbitrary and are in no way presenting existing app data.