Announcing: ELAN Shipyard Joins Icemarket Onboard

The recent days have been great for ICEmarket and the B2B platform of yacht sales. After Beneteau and Jeanneau, Elan has become the next shipyard to join ICEmarket. We are glad to have Elan’s philosophy added to the platform, which will only strengthen us. The deal will facilitate charter companies to access Elan’s catalogue with the help of 4 search parameters: search, compare, configure, and purchase. The current Elan catalogue consists of models E3, E4, E5, GT5, i40, i45, and i50. The deal between Elan and ICEmarket looks forward to completely change the future of B2B Yacht Sales.

What It Means for ICEmarket and the Future of B2B Yacht Sales

The onboarding of Elan is great news for the diversity of ICEmarket platform. With the latest addition, ICEmarket now stands strong to change the way yacht sales are done. We will now see how global charter companies use the platform for their needs of sailboats. There are challenges ahead, but the next few months would be interesting for B2B yacht sales on the whole.

How B2B Yacht Sales Will Change for Elan?

With this deal, the distance between charter companies and Elan would reduce drastically. The former can now deal with several shipyards simultaneously. They can access the catalogue of yachts, compare them, and find the best deals. Their ICEmarket account will be accessible 24/7 and free from any third-party interference. In short, charter companies will have great ease in fulfilling their requirements. For Elan, this would mean faster sales and valuable feedback.

ICEmarket welcomes you to join where the revolution begins.