Dufour 430 – Available Now

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Dufour 430

The Dufour 430 is an elegant, perfectly balanced cruiser. Described as a mix between Italian styling and French manufacturing, it brings both style and function to the table. With its perfectly optimized deck, sleek hull and premium equipment, this cruiser guarantees a sensational sailing experience. 

On Dufour 430 every inch of space is designed to have a purpose. There is plenty of space onboard to feel comfortable, without the lack of storage space or seating. If you are looking for a boat that combines simplicity with luxury, this might be the one for you.


The lines of Dufour 430 are sharp, which gives it a more sporty look meant for speed. It features an ample beam, plumb bow with an upright transom, a single rudder and a powerful rig. Because of this, the cruiser is easy to handle without losing performance. 

The interior is made of warm, wooden elements with plenty of natural light coming from 3 ports from the side of the hulls

The hull length is 12,50M with a maximum beam of 4,30M. It features fold-down swim platforms, twin wheels, cockpit tables with drop-down leaves and much more. 


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