Three NO’s and One Important YES!

With chartering industry experiencing sudden rise, it is essential for buyers to have all the necessary information to make a right purchasing decision. Knowledge is power, and time is money- key reason why ICEmarket was created.

It allows charters worldwide to get a necessary info within a record time that would allow them to make the right purchasing decision.

Compare option-which allows you simultaneous overview of different brands presents clear indication of each model and their strengths. While market is filled with various offers, delivery time options as well as discounts, one can easily get overwhelmed with time consuming processes and various paperwork.

ICEmarket eliminates both. It is no surprise that yachting market is full of competitive models, each with its own advantages; so how does one decide?

Knowledge is power, and time is money – why ICEmarket is free of charge beneficial tool for charters.

By following 4 simple steps, previously explained, charters get a better insight in the industry and current situation on the market. All requests are non-obligatory and full of benefits for charters. There is no usage charge or commission, meaning charters can get offers and comparison completely free of charge from ICEmarket side.

The idea behind given project is to create easier purchasing process, information collection and decision making. Overall it provides charters with enough insight knowledge which leads to greater buyer power and negotiation facts. Considering that everything is presented within a couple of minutes via several clicks, it saves time and eliminates numerous phone calls, email and waiting period.

Gain all the necessary information within minutes and increase your negotiation strength and buyer power.