With the growth of the yacht charter industry the time has come for a new way of doing business.
ICEmarket is a trading platform serving fleet operators, shipyards, and leasing.

Revolutions are inevitable.

Be part of this one from the beginning.

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Did you know that you can use ICEmarket 365 days a year!? No download is needed since everything is available on your web browser. ICEmarket creates opportunities for charters and shipyards to directly communicate on new yacht sales.

All you need is your user name and password, which you will get after sending us your request.

ICEmarket is a sister project of the International Charter Expo (ICE).


Charter companies search for available yacht models, configure option lists and send inquiries to shipyards. Shipyards review inquiries and respond by sending offers. Inquiries sent by charters are NON-obligatory until both sides agree on the price.

Shipyards communicate directly with 400 charter companies worldwide; advertising, informing, exchanging inquiries and offers.

Advantages for Charters

Charter companies will have easy and quick access to news from shipyards. They will have the possibility to quickly get offers from several shipyards at once as well as to compare yacht details, options and quotes. There is no time restriction, you can access your ICEmarket account 24/7, without being interfered by a third party, which will speed up the purchasing process.

Advantages for Shipyards

Shipyards have the possibility to engage in B2B sales directly via ICEmarket which allows them to get constant feedback on products and services, as well as on market requirements.

ICEmarket gives shipyards the opportunity to be cost effective with their marketing and distribution. As a result of direct communication without a third party involvement, the purchasing process is shortened. Shipyards also have better price control.

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